Not everyone knows that we categorize birth control pills by the content of the hormone estrogen for high, medium and low dose. Young women and teenagers who want to start intercourse and protect themselves against unplanned pregnancy are increasingly recommended for contraception with a low dose of hormones. Low-dose contraceptive pills contain the minimum amount of hormones necessary to ensure full contraceptive effectiveness. Can you get pregnant on low dose birth control pills?

How does hormonal contraception work?

The main task of hormonal contraception is to temporarily stop ovulation. To achieve this goal, a woman takes different doses of sex hormones (estrogen and progestin or progestin alone). Nowadays, hormonal contraception is no longer solely in the form of orally administered tablets. Contraceptive patches, intramuscular injections or vaginal rings are also available. All these measures, despite different forms, work on the same principle.

Ultra-low dose

Ultra-low dose hormone tablets are used on a 24 + 4 schedule (the last 4 days are taking the so-called placebo tablets, marked in a blister with a different color and not containing hormones). This 24 + 4 dosage promotes systematic use of the drug, which contributes to better cycle control. In turn, the lowest possible amount of estrogen means that taking hormonal tablets reduces the risk of side effects, which positively affects the well-being of a woman. Ultra-light, as well as low-dose contraception, in addition to preventing pregnancy, can have a positive effect on the whole body, provided that the woman who receives it does not need an additional, higher dose of hormones for health reasons.

Can you get pregnant on low dose birth control pills?

Contraception based on taking hormones in the form of a low-dose pill has many advantages:

  • helps regulate the menstrual cycle;
  • reduces the amount of bleeding;
  • reduces breast swelling and soreness, headache, painful menstruation;
  • eliminates lower abdominal pain during ovulation;
  • has a beneficial effect on the complexion.

A low dose of estrogen does not reduce contraceptive effectiveness. The effectiveness of ultralight contraception is comparable to tablets containing 0.03 mg EE + 0.075 mg GSD – and their Pearl Index is 0.24, which proves that it is an effective method of protecting against unplanned pregnancy.



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