If you have a checking account, you can access your money by writing a check or sending an e-check, setting up an automatic transfer or using a debit card. These transactions are a burden on your account and credit is a deposit. The money you deposit into your checking account usually doesn’t stay long because everyday expenses, bills and other charges occur there. Sometimes one account may not be enough for us. Can I have two checking accounts?

Banks count on customer loyalty, which is why they are recruiting so much on university campuses. They know that when they open their first bank account they are more likely to stay there, despite the fees charged, but you should check your banking once a year to make sure your needs are still being met.

How to find a good bank

When choosing a new bank, you can look for specific services that this bank offers. Some banks may offer lower interest rates on car loans if you have a current account and set up automatic payment for the loan.

That’s a good reason to open a new account. Over time, you may find that you like the new bank better and want to transfer all your accounts to the new bank. It is not difficult to close your old account if you decide to do so. Before closing your old account, transfer all your payments and direct deposits to the new account.

can i have two checking accounts?

It is important to manage each account carefully so that you do not accidentally transfer one account and do not debit your current account. Keep checkbooks in separate places and select different separate checks for each account. If you can choose the style of your debit card, make sure that they are different so that you do not choose the wrong one when making payments. You should balance your checkbook each month and keep the current sum of your transactions so as not to exceed the amount.

Checking online transactions every few days will help you detect the error early so you can correct it before it gets serious.

How many checking accounts can you have?

You can have checking accounts in several banks at the same time, but there are advantages and disadvantages to this practice. Most people only have accounts in one bank because it simplifies the banking process. It is easier to have most accounts in one place, so transfers and payments will be processed faster.



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